Web Series | Sci-fi Thriller| 8 episodes x 8 mins.

Funded by: Independent Production Fund, Telus Storyhive, Creative BC

Development support: Women in the Director’s Chair

Starring Chelsey Reist
Directed by Kate Green
Written by David Schmidt
Produced by Kate Green, Emily Keller and Ross Vivian

Kelsey has never been very remarkable. Things don’t get any easier when her persistent teenage lethargy escalates into full blown narcolepsy. Her dreams are always different but have a recurring theme; being trapped in someone else’s body. With the help of her only friend Aidan, she investigates what is happening to her only to learn that she is actually commandeering the bodies of real people across the globe. Kelsey’s ability is something the military wants to use as part of a covert operation turning people that can astral project into assassins. Operation lead, Colonel Slater sends Miles and agent, out to bring Kelsey in and begin testing on her. It isn’t long before Kelsey is on the run fighting to stay alive and to stay awake.

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