Not a Stranger

Run Time: 13:58

Colin Easton was feeling disconnected. As a social media buff, fan and even manipulator, he found that the more he connected online the more he felt disconnected with the people that were around him. Soon after being diagnosed with serve clinical depression he decided to take matters into his own hands by doing a project that would ensure he left his house everyday.

Colin did something that makes many of us uncomfortable; on January 1st 2014; he talked to a complete stranger and has continued to do that every day for a year….and then some. What he has learned is that everyone has a story; a good one. Colin has been privileged to hear stories of lost loves, happiness, death, triumph and passion. But the most remarkable thing about his project is the connection forged and the change that he experiences himself.

Not a Stranger is a snapshot into the life of Colin Easton’s journey and the people he meets as he endeavours to talk to one stranger every day for one entire year.

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