17 mins | Comedy

Starring: Scott Paterson, Adam Klassen and Stew McLean
Directed by: Ross Vivian
Written by: Emily Keller
Produced by: Kate Green, Emily Keller and Ross Vivian
Director of Photography by: Colin Morrison
Edited by: Mike Roi
Music: Parker Bossley

Awards: Best Cinematography, Best Original Score Houston Comedy Festival
Nominations: Best Ensemble Cast, Best Short Houston Comedy Festival

Anything can happen at Sierra Bluffs, especially when you are dressed like an animal…

At Sierra Bluffs, a struggling nature reserve that can’t afford to display real animals, two brothers make a living by disguising themselves as woodland creatures for nature enthusiasts. These ridiculous jobs make the brothers examine the life choices that would land them in such humiliating positions. For one brother, life is just something that happens but for the other, there might be hope to change his life for the better.

Uniforms is about the transitional time in our lives when we are no longer children but not quite yet adults. It’s the time when we have to deal with the real pressures of the world and shape the person we want to be. In Uniforms, our main characters can’t even figure out how to obtain normal jobs. Every day the brothers have to wake up and decide what person they want to be, what uniform to put on and present to the world – and in their case, they literally present as wild animals.

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